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About us

Founded in September 2003, our family company is notorious in the field of training, recruitment and placement of nursing staff with specialization in nursing in the expanded role in remote regions. Our company is in constant expansion and growth. We owe our success mainly to our client’s satisfaction with our training in nursing practice in the expanded role and to the quality of our recruited nursing staff. Our organization is now considered as a leader in Quebec in this specialty.

In 2006, our company was awarded the Alpha Contest prize of the Chamber of Commerce of Ville St-Laurent for the young enterprise having most distinguished itself.


Francine Charron, General manager of Solutions Nursing L.F.C Inc receives the trophy from Daniel Dicaire, director of the Local Development Center of Centre-Ouest and the speed skater Joël Mineau (left)

In 2007, we signed a public-private partnership agreement with the Ungava Tulattavik Health Center.  We took care of the advertising, the recruiting, the medical examination and the training of all the pre-hired personnel of the Ungava Tulattavik Health Center. For a period of 7 years, we have contributed greatly to their efficiency in terms of staffing for that organization. In a context of shortage, the Ungava Tulattavik Health Center had sometimes over 30 nurses waiting for one position. 

In 2008, we became property owners. We adapted our premises to answer our specific needs. The upper floor is exclusively dedicated to our training activities. The training activities becoming more and more significant, we created a 2nd company, Formation Solutions Nursing Inc.

In September 2009, after many hours of work, Formation Solutions Nursing Inc is proud to have its own guide and launches the Soluguide. This book is designed to be used by the nurses working in the expanded role but can also be a great help to everyone who is part of the nursing staff.

From October 2010 till June 2013, we have an agreement with the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay to assist them in the recruitment of their nursing staff. We execute the information sessions and do the selection interviews for them.

In 2011, our Soluguide becomes a success beyond our expectations.  We print our 4th edition in French and our 1st edition in English. The company now goes beyond the Quebec borders, not only for the sale of the Soluguide, but also for our training, especially in British-Columbia.

In 2013, we sold our Soluguide in Europe and our first training sessions are now available online, among all of our information sessions.

In 2014, progress is still knocking at our door and we break new grounds in our evaluation process, whether it is in the field of recruiting or training. We also offer new contract possibilities in order to deal with various situations that could come up among the hired nursing staff, giving them more possibilities.

The  Solutions Nursing Team

Francine Charron, General Manager

Solutions Nursing was founded by Francine Charron who benefits from a vast professional experience in nursing in Nordic regions, both as a nurse and an administrator. Her innovative vision in health care, paired with the efforts of a dynamic, qualified team oriented towards client services is truly a testament of the success of our company.

Louis Fecteau , Financial Manager

Business man who is well known in the Quebec and United-States car business, Louis is responsible for the company’s financial negotiations.  Working only part time for Solutions Nursing, he is entrusted with some special projects.

Francis Boulianne, Manager - Administration

Son of Francine Charron, he is her right-hand man and is in charge of the whole accounting area of both companies and also the general administrative management.  He possesses an excellent judgment and his wise advice is invaluable. He is also our resource for everything related to IT and video.

Dre Naima Benahmed, Manager - Training

Naima is a hematologist doctor and holds a certificate in Pedagogy.  She manages all the training programs. She watches over the updates and the development of our training in the expanded role.  Naima is also an excellent instructor and outstanding teacher. She is highly appreciated by the nurses for her professionalism and dedication.

Marie-Anne Martinez, Human Resource Counsellor

Professional in the field of human resources, Marie-Anne is responsible for recruitment and placement of our nursing staff. With her approach, she assures a personalised placement to our personnel. She also acts as a resource for our employees and ensures that everything is completed once the Northern region. 

Tomasz Karpiuk, Human Resource Generalist

Tomasz manages everything that is external within our company such as publicity/marketing, social media, congressional events and anything related to its representation. He works in partnership with Marie-Anne and is involved in the recruitment process. Being a Generalist, he’s also involved in simulations of the nurses training program.  

Joanie Dubé, Agent - Training

Joanie works for us since 2008 as a Training Office. However, she is presently on maternity leave and will return to our team in the summer of 2018. 

We also have a large team of instructors working on a regular basis.





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