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Our philosophy

The particularity of our company is that we aim for satisfaction and result.  We seek excellence and we constantly readjust our aim in order to hit the target.  We are, in fact, best known in the Great North for our team of competent nurses.  Our northern clients know that if they hire one of our nurses, they can completely rely on him or her as he or she has been carefully selected and trained.

The selection process of the people working on our team is the reason for our success.  We choose only the best, whether it is for the office staff, the health professionals, the nursing staff or instructors.  We also ensure that their personality is pleasant and compatible with our objectives.

We have developed a very thorough hiring process for the nursing staff. We recruit above all a personality with the profile to work in a Nordic context and that possesses an analytical sense and a developed clinical judgment.  Afterwards, we offer them the maximum in order to help them be professionally fulfilled and become outstanding nurses in the expanded role. We recruit the best potentials and we give them the best training.

Our force is also the support we provide to our nursing staff. We’re not just happy to fill the gap. When we place a nurse, we ensure he(she) has the personality and professional capabilities required for the job.  It is for this reason that we can offer a guarantee of satisfaction to the health organizations:  if a nurse does not have the required qualities for the job, we will replace him(her) at no charge and we will even pay for the plane ticket of his(her) replacement.  This guarantee is reassuring to the health organizations but even more so to the nurse who will never feel that she has been thrown into this position having been told : « you can do it, you have a bachelor’s degree and you master the physical examination »….We know there is more.  This is why we know our nurses and we never put pressure on them.  It would not be beneficial for her, or for us or the health organization and at the end of the day, it is the patient that would suffer from it.

Another of our objectives is following the norms and regulations. We always act fairly towards our nurses. We establish procedures according to our nurses’ recommendations.  In fact, each year, we send a survey to our nurses and we then attempt to satisfy them as much as possible.  Even though our nurses are employed on contract, we are flexible and understand common sense.

Our nurses benefit from a unique opportunity to constantly renew their skills while benefiting from our support and essential tools allowing them to demonstrate their ingenuity. To also satisfy the health organizations and patients, we ensure quality that is the progress of our professionals.  We exceed the norms in regards of continuing education and we perform systematic controls on the quality of care after each replacement in the Great North. These quality controls are available to the nurses and the nurse who received an excellent rating will be awarded Solupoints, because we believe that recognizing a job well done also helps personal and professional fulfillment.





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