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789 George-Leclaire, Lachine, Quebec, H8S 4J9
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What makes the always increasing success of Solutions Nursing?

  1. Have a good team

    The leaders being part of the same family, it makes it easier to agree and to make quick decisions. The office staff is recruited with the same thoroughness and the same principle: we are looking for personalities compatible with our standards and having lots of potential. We are looking for the best.

  2. To surpass ourselves and always do more

    Using the annual evaluation questionnaire, each nurse gives her comments and the organization reacts to satisfy the most, to the most people possible. We continuously surpass ourselves and we take nothing for granted. We raise the bar very high and it is very difficult to imitate us or to try to surpass us.

  3. Monitor the needs

    We need to always keep our eyes and ears opened and monitor the market to answer the present and future needs in remote regions.

  4. Have brilliant ideas

    This is one of the greater strengths of Solutions Nursing. The team always finds new concepts, invents and amazes constantly.

  5. Respect the registered nurses, the customers and the office staff

    We are interested in what people think and we take it into account, this is why we ask for their opinion so we can then react and adapt ourselves. Through our Solupoints program, we thank our team for their good work and their good deeds.




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