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Clinical evaluation guide for the nursing staff working in the expanded role

* available in French and in English

General objectives of the Soluguide :
  • To create a medical working tool intended for the nurses, easy and quick to refer to
  • Present certain aspect and information of the clinical semiology and the physical examination useful to make a diagnosis
  • Expand the understanding by the use of diagrams, pictures and charts 
  • Finally, provide a quick clarification on many situations encountered in an out-patient consultations, emergencies and community health
The Soluguide has a lot of images and is colourful.  It was designed using charts and diagrams.  Here is a summary of what is found in the Soluguide :
  • Mini dictionnary
    • French, English, Cree, Inuktitut
    • Useful sentences useful when doing the physical examination
    • Body parts
  • Reasons for consultation
    • List of the main reasons for consultation with the different differential diagnoses to consider
  • SOAP
    • Elements to consider to make your questionnaire
    • Summary of your physical examination
    • Aide-memoire for your analysis and your interventions
  • Out-patient consultations
    • You will find for each system :
      • Specific questions to ask
      • Comparative of the  basic and full examinations of the system
      • Detailed physical examination with images: how to do it, what to look for
      • Several reasons for consultation, differential diagnoses and characteristics of each diagnosis
      • General advice for the plan
  • Emergencies
    • Several charts quick to consult
    • Primary and secondary examinations
    • Evaluation of a multi-trauma patient
    • Main emergency problems : adults, paediatric and obstetrical
    • Formulas (conversion, flow of solution, quick rules…)
    • Medevac
  • Community health
    • Prenatal follow-up
      • Uneasiness during pregnancy and what to advise
      • Obstetrical sheet #4: how to complete, what to keep an eye on, what to do if abnormalities, advice….
    • Paediatric follow-up
      • Complete physical examination on an infant (how to do it, what to look for)
      • Charts of each visit (2 months, 4 months, 6 months….)
    • Women’s health (addressed subjects)
    • Long term follow-up (diabetes, anaemia, heart failure, COPD)
    • Pharmacology
The price of the Soluguide is 79,99$ + taxes, payable by VISA, Mastercard, debit or cash.
Can be delivered directly at your home.
To order, contact Joanie Dubé jdube@solutionsnursing.ca or by phone Montreal: 514-735-7645 extension 1223 or Outside Montreal: 1-877-893-7646 extension 1223.



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