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The advantages are numerous and vary from one person to another.  What we see as an advantage can be an inconvenience for someone else. You’re the judge.  However, if most of these advantages seem like inconveniences to you, then maybe you should rethink the reasons that are motivating you for the job in remote regions. To go work in the Great North changes a person but you must be ready to accept this change and you have to go there for the right reasons.  The Great North is not a place to hide from reality because, sooner or later, this reality will catch up with you.  As a general rule, here are the advantages of the work in the Great North for a person ready for this adventure:

Personal Life
  • Interior rejuvenation : by the peacefulness of the place, the big spaces and free time, you can take the time to get to know yourself better
  • Personal values : by mixing with different people that appreciate the present time instead of always looking at the future, you develop unsuspected personal values
  • Well-being: you learn to go outside, breathe the fresh air. Without noticing it, you develop an interest to take care of yourself and many people discover outside sports
                            Professional Life
  • Team work : you now understand what team work means, you build solid ties with your peers, you understand the priceless value they represent
  • Professional challenge: you will never live 2 days the same, the work hours fly by so quickly because the job is so stimulating that you don’t see the time pass by. You should excel regularly and this is how you will make progress
  • Time to nurture: finally you can take the time to properly answer your patients, you can look after them like you always wanted, that is to say with dignity and respect, and by the same token be respected and appreciated
  • Satisfaction: you will appreciate the thanks and will notice the changes following your treatments and advice.  You will go back home at night and you will know that you made a small difference in yours patients’ lives
Social life
  • Sense of creativity: you must not wait for the activities to come to you all prepared, you often need to make some effort but some evenings can become unforgettable because of some activities organised by using our sense of originality and our resourcefulness. Some examples: thematic suppers, aerobics, picnics in the tundra, sliding in the snow, observation of the stars and northern lights, belly dancing…
  • Sharing of culture: to assist to cultural rituals, sleep in an igloo, canoeing, learn to fish and to smoke the fish…
Your future
  • Résumé: a person having worked in the Great North is bound to have developed his(her) autonomy and an exhaustive resourcefulness. Having had a diversified job on all aspects, at your return, it will be much easier to obtain a position in the  different aspects of your profession
  • Savings : the salary being higher, you have the possibility to put money aside and to make investments for your future
  • Better person: you have lived an experience that will follow you forever and will benefit you as much at a personal level as at the professional level.




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