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Selection interview

It is important to be well prepared for a selection interview.

To Be Well Prepared

A good preparation will lower your stress and increase your chances to perform well.

First of all, plan your time so you won’t arrive late.  You will find in Contact us our coordinates and the directions to our premises.  Bring with you our phone number to advise us in case you’re late for a reason out of your control.

Plan on modest clothing.  You will be filmed and it is possible that an agent from a health care organization will want to view your interview with the possibility of hiring you, therefore you must be professional.

Be in good condition

There is no reason to get stressed out, the interview is not an interrogation but rather an exchange of information between 2 people. It gives you the chance to show us your capabilities. Don’t overdo it, just be natural.

We recommend a good night’s sleep and not to plan another tight appointment after the interview as this could make you more nervous than necessary.

Steps of the Interview

We will first take a look together at your résumé.  Next, some questions on your interests and your motivation for a job in the Great North will be asked.

You will then be put in a context of a job in a remote community and you will have to answer to different clinical situations. Answer to the best of your knowledge.  It is better to admit to not know the answer than to invent an unbelievable story.

Most of the questions will be in French and you will have to answer in French. Some questions will be in English and you will answer those in English.

Afterwards, some questions will be asked on the community health programs.  We want to evaluate your teaching abilities.

The filmed individual interview lasts about an hour.

Written Tests

You will have 1 hour to 1 hour and half to complete 6 different tests.
  1. Oral Test (Second Language)
    • You will listen to a medical story with questions.  There are 10 questions to answer, all questions and choices of answers are said twice.  The test is at an intermediate level.
  2. Medical Text
    • You have to identify the 4 words that are the most pertinent in the medical story.
  3. Written Test
    • This test will objectively evaluate the nurse’s knowledge and includes 4 parts: the adult, paediatrics, obstetrics and the physical exam

  4. Evaluation of Skills and Techniques
    • You will have to develop on which techniques you master or not.  Do not worry if there are several techniques that you never performed, for example stitches or the Pap test since it is very normal to not know these techniques when you have not had the training in the expanded role
  5. Short Essay Questions
    • These questions are aimed to better understand you and to seize what you want from your job for us to place you in the right places.
  6. Registration Form
    • This form is a mere formality

Following the Interview

You will get an answer 1 to 4 weeks after your interview, whether the answer is positive or negative.  In certain periods, it is possible that the delay be longer if the references are difficult to get, ex. during the summer or during the Holidays.

If your candidacy is not retained, we will advise you by phone and we will give you the reasons why you were not retained.  Sometimes, we make recommendations to improve the situation and ask to come for a 2nd interview, for example your French level is not good enough or if a person needs to get more experience.  We are very selective, we try to recruit only the elite.

If your candidacy has been retained, you will have to choose your status (temporary or permanent) and a contract will be sent to you by email.  You will have all the time to read and analyze it.  You will have to send us back two signed copies.  As soon as the copies are received at our offices, we will also sign them and send you back one copy.  We will contact you and you will be able to reserve a place at the session of your choice  for the training in the expanded role.   Please note that it is possible that when we talked to you, there were still places available for a training session but they have since been filled by the time we receive your contract.  For this reason, we suggest, if there is only one place for a date you want, to bring your signed contract directly at our office or to send it by priority courier. No places will be reserved without a signed contract.




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