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789 George-Leclaire, Lachine, Quebec, H8S 4J9
Toll free telephone : 1 877 893-7646, Fax : (514) 735-7641

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Job conditions

We do our best to please our nurses.  For this reason, we ask them to fill out an evaluation questionnaire and we readjust ourselves accordingly. Year after year, the conditions get better to satisfy our nurses and to retain them.
Our strength is the support we provide our nursing staff. We strongly believe in training. For this reason, one day of continuing education is offered monthly as well as one week of training per year to keep them up to date and to insure they improve even more. With Solutions Nursing, you do not have to worry about compulsory training hours, we can emit certificates.

Many advantages are offered to the ones who wish to join our team:

  Pre-hiring training and during employment

  • Possibility of free accommodation during training.
   Temporary or permanent job according to your needs.

  Competitive salary

  • Hourly rate during regular working hours
  • 150% rate after regular hours (we go beyond labour standards!)
  • 150% rate for patient overflow at the clinic and for the morning lab
  • Availability when on-call, one hour is paid by work shift even if you have no calls
    • 150% rate for all received calls
    • 150% rate for all travelling outside regular hours
  • Cost of living premium according to the different sectors
  Baggage allowance depending on the duration of your stay

  Transportation provided from your home to the North
  • Possibility to accumulate « Aeroplans »
  Free accommodation

   Group insurance for permanent employees

  Personalized support during assignments
  • Free phone service
  • Emergency service 24/7
  • Employee assistance program
  Solupoints reward program
  • Following our nurses’ suggestions, we have developed our Solupoints catalogue. Nurses accumulate points for each replacement and also for meritorious service. Our nurses can spoil themselves as they please.
  • Gifts vary in accordance to the ideas given by nurses in their annual evaluation of the company.
  Interactive website
  • It allows nurses to change their availabilities online, to have acces to our internal documents and to view their personal file.
  Solutions Nursing employee’s guide
  • Our Staff Guide contains all the details about our work conditions and every situation in the North.
  • It allows us to inform our employees about our code of conduct so that we are fair and equitable towards everyone.
  Quick and reliable accounting service

  Technical solutions
  • A doctor can be reached by email to answer your questions. For example: additional information on a disease.
  Private Facebook group;
  • You can contact other nurses from Solutions Nursing. Some interesting information can be found there.

With Solutions Nursing, you have the tools to work in the North and we do all we can to make your experience there as enjoyable as possible! 



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