Would you like to stimulate yourself with new challenges and are considering taking on a job in Northern Canada? Our expanded role training refined by health specialists accustomed to working within this territory is an important asset for your new innovative professional perspective. Let’s discover its benefits and how it works, in addition to the skills the training will help you develop!


Importance of Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals

lac gelé en hiverNorthern health organizations welcome different health professionals in search of development and new challenges. This is exactly what the training courses prepare you for, providing multiple benefits.

In addition to increasing your general employability, you will acquire skills and knowledge during the continuing education program. It will allow you to achieve your professional goals faster and better.

You will learn new methods and solidify your skills in patient care and assessment in order to meet the demands of a clientele and do so with confidence.

Work in remote areas will bring its share of renewed responsibilities for which we will train you. During the training, we will lend you all the necessary material to practice the physical exam in addition to seeing the different specific techniques required.

Not only will you break your career’s routine, but you will gain confidence and efficiency to consolidate your employment relationship and increase your personal fulfillment at work.


What to Expect and Skills Developed During the Northern Canada Nursing Training

infirmiere avec masque et gant de protectionOur training program prepares you for the realities of your future professional challenge. You will develop a multitude of skills, particularly in outpatient consultations, but also for emergency management in the field.

The 140 hours of lessons include theory, practice, and preparation to deepen your knowledge. Our trainers will teach you the complete evaluation and management of the patient. They will also deepen certain aspects crucial within a Nordic environment.

You will gain awareness of community health and the particularities of Northern Canada while adding new strings to your bow such as pharmacology, intoxication, and treatment that promote interprofessional collaboration.

Take a look at our detailed course outline here to discover all the stages of the training.

Solutions Nursing provides you with expanded role training as well as other personalized training courses based on your needs. Contact us without delay to discuss the different avenues available to you now!