The chronic disease monitoring nurse assesses and identifies the needs of people with chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes, hypertension).

Their main tasks are:

  • Follow up on patients with chronic diseases
  • Examine and assess the patient’s condition
  • Take samples for laboratory tests
  • Analyze laboratory results and adapt the treatment plan as needed and according to protocols
  • Teach patients and their families about treatment plans, taking medications and their side effects
  • Any other related task requested by the health organization

What we offer:

  • Free and paid 4-week expanded role training course
  • Great flexibility in the choice of replacements
  • Competitive overall compensation and several bonuses
  • Transport and accommodation provided
  • Temporary and permanent positions
  • Group insurance for permanent positions
  • Possibility of joining an RRSP
  • Employee assistance program
  • 24/7 personalized support and availability


  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing sciences (College diploma can be considered depending on experience)
  • Valid OIIQ permit
  • 2 to 3-year experience in an active department (ex: emergency, intensive care, pediatrics, obstetrics, float team etc.)
  • Availability to travel for 4 to 8 weeks at a time
  • Good clinical judgment
  • Functional English

Working in an expanded role with Solutions Nursing, specialists of the North, is a life-changing experience, a career boost, and the opportunity to provide quality care in communities of the Far North.