The specialized mother-child nurse ensures the smooth running of the pregnancy as well as the good development of the child. They are also in charge of teaching the mother and relatives.


Job description

The community health nurse is led to develop the preventive aspect based on educating the patient. In small Inuit communities, the nurse is going to work on various departments. However, in Cree communities, the programs are subdivided: mother and child follow up (Awash), youth and school health (Uschiniichisuu) and chronic disease follow up (Chishaayiyuu).        

Specific Functions

By joining our team as a nurse in mother and child health as part of the Awash program, you will work with pregnant women, infants, and young children (birth to 9 years old). You will have the following responsibilities:

  • Pe-natal and post-partum follow ups
  • Vaccination 0 to 9 years old
  • Child development 
  • Preventive teaching
  • Safety (accidents, violence, and abuse prevention) 
  • Breastfeeding counselling

Why nurses chose Solutions Nursing

  • Great flexibility
  • Employee assistance program
  • Customized support 24/7 and availability

Most nurses who have worked in the Far North come back transformed. The benefit the north has to offer cannot be found elsewhere. 

Salary and advantages

  • Compensated, four weeks long extended role training offered for free for posting requiring on call periods 
  • Competitive remuneration and various bonuses
  • Transport and accommodation included
  • Group insurance for permanent positions
  • Possibility of adhering to an RRSP

 Professional requirements

To apply at Solutions Nursing, you must answer to the following criteria: 

  • Bachelor of Nursing (DEC or Certificate can be considered based on experience)  
  • Member in good standing of the O.I.I.Q
  • Available to leave 4 to 8 weeks at a time  
  • Good clinical judgment 

Professional requirements specific to the Awash program:

  • No on call periods: 2 years of experience as a nurse, including 1 year of experience in Mother and Child health (prenatal care, pediatric and/or neonatal)
  • With on call periods : 3 years of experience on active departments, including 1 year of experience in Mother and Child health (prenatal care, pediatric and/or neonatal); extended role training 

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