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Recruitment process

Step 1: Evaluation of your resume

Upon receipt of your resume, we will assess your application on the basis of the following criteria : professional education, years of experience, the nature of your experience and your level of English. You will receive an acknowledgement email within 24 working hours.


Step 2: Telephone Communication

If your resume suits the selection criteria, we will contact you within a short space of time. This first contact will allow you to ask questions and will allow us to learn more about your interest in working in the Far North and about your overall situation. We will also evaluate your level of English. After this discussion, we will give you access to our online information session and we will make an appointment for your selection interview.

Step 3: Selection interview

When scheduled for an interview, you must show up at our offices with your references, your different certificates, your OIIQ permit and your driver’s license. Please note that your interview will be video recorded*. Since we also hire nurses on behalf of the Ungava Tulattavik Health Center (UTHC), and should you wish to work there, the directors of the UTHC will thus be able to see the interview.
The interview lasts from 1 to 2 hours and is usually led by one examiner. You will have to put yourself in the context of a job in remote regions, and will be faced with various interactive case studies, each study evaluated thanks to an objective correction grid. These case studies deal with all age groups and various topics, such as pediatrics, obstetrics, psychiatry, emergencies, duty, etc. We are aware that you have not followed the Expanded Role training yet but we wish to assess your clinical judgment and your medical knowledge. Just do your best and keep in mind that all the other applicants have not received training either.

For another 1 to 2 hours, you will have to complete various tests to complete your file. Therefore, you must forecast about 3 to 4 hours to complete the whole selection process.

For further information, please visit our page about the
selection interview.

* : Following your authorisation 

Step 4: Verification of references and certificates 

After the interview process, we will correct your tests and case studies. If your results are successful, we will examine your references, your OIIQ (or Nunavut) nursing permit, your education certificates and your criminal records. 1 to 2 weeks may be needed for us to do so. However, it may take longer during specific periods such as summer vacations or Christmas and holiday season.

Step 5: Results

We will contact you to inform you if you have been selected (or not) for the job.

If your application is rejected, we will give you some advice concerning what you need to correct in order to carry out your project of working in the Far North. You will then be able to apply again after a period of 6 months or before if the problem has been fixed.

If your application is approved, you will have to undergo a pre-hiring physical questionnaire. You will have to provide your vaccination booklet and lab work may be required. Your hiring is conditional to your medical assessment.

Step 6: Training

If you are hired, we will discuss your career opportunities at Solutions Nursing and we will offer you dates to start your training sessions. Training is compulsory to work in the expanded role.


Step 7: Hiring

Your hiring date corresponds to the first day of your training.




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