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Selection interview

How To Prepare

A good preparation will lower your stress and increase your chances to perform well. 

First of all, plan your time so you won’t arrive late. You will find our coordinates and the directions to our premises in Contact us. Please make sure that you have our phone number to advise us in case you are late for a reason out of your control.

Plan on modest clothing, be professional.

Good conditions

The interview is not an interrogation but rather an exchange of information between 2 people. It gives you the chance to show us your capabilities. Don’t overdo it, just be natural. Please bear in mind that the interview lasts approximately 2 hours.

Steps of the Interview

We will first take a look at your résumé together. Then, you will have to answer some questions about your interests and your motivation for a job in the Far North.

The next step is about case studies. You will be put in the context of a job in a remote community and you will have to answer to various clinical situations. Our online information session about working in the Far North, already available in French and available in English very soon will help you to familiarize with the context and learn Northern expressions. Answer to the best of your knowledge. It is better to admit you do not know the answer than to invent an unbelievable story. It is also very important that you provide details in your answers. Each case study will be assessed with a correction grid. You will obtain a precise counting for each of them. The more details you give, the more points you earn. Omitting things will be considered as not null. For example, saying that you perform the PQRST method will give you 2 points. On the other hand, giving the details of this method may give you 10 to 15 points depending to the case study.

If your goal is to work in the expanded role, you will be given a "contextual setting" in order to help you answer the questions.


You will have to take several tests and fill in documents (all this can be done at home).

1. English test
  • Your writing skills will be tested. You will have to redact a note related to a file.
2. Assessment of your clinical judgment
  • 3 case studies will be presented to you. Your task will be to answer a few questions so that we can assess your clinical judgment.
3. Personnality test
  • You will have to answer some questions so that we can have a better understanding of your personality and of your objectives in terms of work, in order to find the places that would suit you best and to know you better.

Following the interview

You will get an answer around 2 weeks after your interview, whether the answer is positive or negative.

If your application has been rejected, we will advise you by phone and we will give you the reasons why you were not selected. We will make recommendations to improve the situation and may ask you to come for a 2nd interview, for example if you need to get more experience. We are very selective, we try to recruit only the best.

If your application has been approved, you will have to choose your status (temporary or permanent) and and the date you wish to start training (depending on availability).




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