Following the social distancing measures, the expanded role training is now offered online from June 1, 2020.The course outline is similar but training has adapted to the specific context of telecommunications.

Whether the training course is online or in the premises of Solutions Nursing in Montreal, the duration is 4 weeks. We always make sure that support remains constant throughout the duration of the training.

Our training, given by a doctor, a midwife, an ACLS instructor and an expanded role nurse, allows you to practice the expanded role in remote areas. It is recognized by all public authorities in Quebec and Canada. For example, we also train nurses for our partners from the public sector.

A group of 4 to 14 nurses is trained once a month, almost every month, see training schedule below.

Training is offered in English once a year for nurses who wish to do so. We coordinate the English training with the right to practice in Nunavut to make it as cost effective as possible for our nurses. The Nunavut license is issued by the RNANTNU once a year for the year only.

To register for our next training session, simply send your contact information and resume via the button below.


Each nurse will have at his/her disposal:

  • Medical kit for the practice of physical examination and specific techniques (otoscope / ophthalmoscope, reflex hammer, suture kit, etc.)
  • Soluguide
  • Learning materials (course books, practical workbook, vaccination cards, etc.)

Informations :

Training schedule