We offer several other training courses for private and public health authorities such as pharmacies, detention centers and Hydro-Québec.

We offer tailor-made training adapted to your needs in English and French throughout Quebec and Canada.

We are able to travel to your community to offer training. We also offer training at Solutions Nursing’s offices with the necessary equipment. We will be happy to give you fast, affordable and professional service.

Contact us for more information on rates and availability.

Training courses offered:
  • Emergency delivery (14h)
  • ACLS / CPR (14h)
  • Medical English for the expanded role (7h)
  • Pharmacology / Antibiotic therapy (7h)
  • Combitube (7h)
  • Diabetes (4h)
  • Geriatrics (14h)
  • ECG reading (7h)
  • Cardiovascular system and ECG (14h)
  • Pediatric assessment and examination (14h.)
  • Development 0-5 years, evaluation and physical examination (21h)
  • Assessment and physical examination of adults and seniors (21h)
  • Return to work assessment (14h)
  • Pre-employment assessment (7h)
  • Gynecology (7h)
  • Lacerations and sutures (7h)
  • Medevac (7h)
  • Musculoskeletal (14h)
  • Obstetrics and prenatal follow-up (14h)
  • Suicide prevention (7h)
  • School health in the classroom or online (3h)
  • Mental health (14h)
  • Palliative care (7h)
  • Introduction to working in remote areas in the classroom or online (4h)
  • Tuberculosis (7h)
  • Emergency care (7h)
  • Treatment of growths with Histofreezer (2h)