Information session

Discover the Great North

Our information session will help you better understand how the health care system works
in remote areas and help you make an informed decision about your desire
to experience the northern adventure.

Our session begins with background information then we will focus specifically on Solutions Nursing

An outline of the topics to be discussed:

  1. First, where is the Great North?
  2. Why work in the Great North?
  3. How does the Great North work?
  4. What types of jobs are available?
  5. Do you have the profile for the job?
  6. What are the hiring criteria?
  7. What are the working conditions?
  8. Why choose Solutions Nursing?
  9. Our training = Success of your northern project

Ready to take action?

Next Steps Question and answer session (Q&A period)

This information session will also help prepare for the selection interview as it allows to put yourself in the northern context.

You will also have the opportunity to ask all your questions. This session can be given in the  classroom or virtually via GoToMeeting

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Introduction to Working in Remote Areas

This second practical information session is intended for newly hired nurses by Solutions Nursing. Your knowledge of the Great North will be pushed further. We will focus on the small details that will make all the difference before your departure.

In other words, we help you pack your bags!


Here are some of the topics covered :

  • Indigenous and Inuit culture
  • Fauna and flora
  • Weather and clothing
  • Communication, Internet, Phone calls
  • Grocery, food
  • Transportation, airport
  • Leisure, sports

Isolated Communities Documents

As you can see, we are preparing and supporting our northern team. We are pleased to share with you the research that has been done to better equip our nurses before they leave for a new community. These documents are updated on a regular basis, however, there may have been a recent change since our last review.

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