Our mission is to serve remote regions by providing nursing care to the different communities in need of staff. We receive more and more requests, so we need skilled professionals who will help us carry out our mission. We offer high flexibility in work schedules as well as great choice in assignments. By working with Solutions Nursing, you will be able to attend FOR FREE our authentic expanded role training course, which is renowned throughout Quebec. Do not hesitate any longer, apply online now!

  • Expanded role nurse
    • Clinics in northern Quebec
    • Clinics in Nunavut (Canada)
  • Community health nurse in northern regions
    • Mother-baby nurse
    • Home care nurse
    • Chronic disease management nurse
    • School health nurse
    • Mental health nurse
    • Foot care nurse
  • Nurse without the expanded role
    • Unit care and Medevac nurse
    • Hemodialysis nurse
    • Outpatient clinic nurse (Chisasibi)
    • Liaison nurse (Far North, Montreal, Chibougamou, Val-d’Or)
    • Specialized services clinics (Management of specialists’ visits)
  • Public health nurse in northern regions
    • TB clinic nurse
    • STI screening clinic nurse
  • Nurse in mines in northern regions

  • Training, training, training
    • The AUTHENTIC expanded role training course
    • Free, classroom-based or online
    • Certifications (RCR/DEA, ACLS…)
    • Ongoing training and improvement
    • Any other required training
  • Permanent work or occasional assignments
  • Fair and competitive remuneration
    • Grade pay, based on all worked hours with Solutions Nursing, including overtime
    • Several bonuses
      • Cost of living
      • Baggage and extra food
      • On-call periods
    • Transport and accommodation provided
    • Great choice in assignments
      • Our nurses are the 1st choices in the GREAT majority in northern Quebec!
    • Free tools to prepare for the North
      • Soluguide
      • Access to online physical assessment
      • Fit test N-95
    • Active listening to the needs of our staff
    • Support 24/7
    • Flexible schedules
    • Culture and values focused on support and employee inclusion
    • Possibility to contribute to an RRSP and group insurance (for permanent employees)
    • RNANTNU (Nunavut) nursing license refunded (if applicable)

Hiring process

At Solutions Nursing, we believe that the key of success starts with offering high-quality services. Therefore we make sure that anyone who has sent us their resume is quickly contacted regarding their application.

We will send you an email to acknowledge the receipt of your resume.
If you have not received our email.

You will be contacted by telephone within 24-48 working hours.

The objective of this call is to confirm whether you have the basic criteria required and to answer your questions.

If you qualify for the interview, we will agree on a date according to your availability. We can accommodate you within a timeframe of 1 to 2 weeks.

The interview may be in person at our office or virtual via GoToMeeting. During the pandemic, we resort to virtual meetings. You will receive an email to help you prepare well. You will have to sign a consent form and provide us with the required documents.

The interview is conducted by an expanded role nurse. At the beginning of the interview, she will ask you questions about your resume. She will then try to comprehend your project and your personality. It is primordial for us to understand your situation and identify your expectations that must be an integral part of your northern project.

The interview may be conducted in French or in English. Do not hesitate to state your preferred language. However, if you choose French, your English skills will be assessed by asking you a few questions.

The next part is about case histories… Prior to that, you will have received a background document. You must answer as if you had already been trained in the expanded role and you had some experience. Do your best according to your knowledge and judgment. If you do not know the answer, it is better to admit it instead of inventing an answer that may be false. Our interviews are made to assess nurses who do not have training in the expanded role, take it as an interactive role play.

  • Be on time
  • Have some paper and a pencil
  • Keep the background document close to refer to it if needed
  • Taking some time to think and prepare before answering is appreciated
  • Use the tools you already know, e.g. PQRST, ABCDE…
  • Revise topics you know less well e.g. obstetrics, psychiatry or pediatrics. Focus on the outlines and the major basic principles
  • Do not hesitate to bring a list of questions, the nurse will be pleased to answer them at the end of the interview

You can expect to receive an answer from us within 7 to 14 days. It may take longer if it is impossible for us to contact the people you use as a reference in the list you provided us.

If your application is accepted, we will proceed to the verifications (criminal record and medical assessment).

Once the verifications completed, you will receive a call from the person in charge of placement to discuss the next steps of your hiring process. She will also be able to answer your questions.

Hiring process

Why choose to work in the far north?

Why choose to work in the far north?

What exoticism and fascination in these isolated regions! What is even more remarkable is that despite several years spent in the north, people who return there are still as passionate about it and talk about it with as much interest as when they first started. No wonder many nurses show great motivation to work in these regions, especially since the work is stimulating and full of professional challenges. Working in the Far North means rediscovering your profession, rediscovering yourself, and making endless memories!


Are you a fan of nature? You will LOVE the North. So many beautiful things to see and discover! We experience a privileged relationship with the environment and direct contact with nature. We discover a wilderness weakness to go frolic in the nature. You will find magnificent landscapes as far as the eye can see. Camping, snowshoeing, hiking, fishing, watching the northern lights, swimming and more! Several nurses become excellent photographers following their passage in the Far North.

It is good to immerse yourself in the cultures of the Far North. Open your mind, let yourself be steeped in ancient customs and attend various ceremonies and cultural rites. Learn the procedures used to build a teepee or an igloo and why not spend the night there? Learn how to fish and smoke fish. Participate in the preparation of typically cultural dishes. Learn to make moccasins, a Nassak hat or mittens. Receive Cree or Inuktitut lessons. These are precious and unforgettable moments. First Nations people are proud to share their cultures and traditions.

Interior resourcing : through the tranquility of the place, the great outdoors and the time available for you. You have the possibility of being alone with yourself and get to know yourself better.

Personal values : by meeting with different people who appreciate the present moment instead of always being oriented towards the future, you learn to appreciate the little things in life and better understand the meaning of gratitude. You develop unsuspected personal values.

Physical well-being : you get to go outside and breathe in the fresh air. Without realizing it, you develop an interest in taking care of yourself. Several people discover outdoor sports.

Teamwork : you really understand what teamwork means, you build strong relationships with your co-workers, you understand how invaluable they are.

Professional challenge : you never live 2 similar days, the hours at work go by quickly because the work is so stimulating that you do not see the time passing. You have to challenge yourself regularly and this is how you progress.

Time to cure : FINALLY! You can take the time to respond adequately to your patients. You can treat them as you always wanted, that is to say, with dignity and respect and, by the same token, make yourself respected and appreciated at your fair value.

Satisfaction : you appreciate the thanks and like to note the changes following your treatments and advice. You arrive home in the evening and know that you made a difference in the lives of your patients.

Friendship: You will discover great people in the Far North. Many will become your friends. You will talk about them with your loved ones by referring to your “friends of the North”. Wonderful friendship develop in small communities and you will be happy to have met exceptional people.

Sense of creativity: do not wait for the activities to be established. You often have to put your own (originality, resourcefulness) to live unforgettable evenings. Here are some examples: thematic dinners, rumba, belly dance, yoga in nature, picnic in the tundra, snow slides, stargazing and northern lights watching…

Curriculum vitae: a person who has “gone north” has necessarily developed great autonomy and resourcefulness. Having diversified jobs and on all aspects, it is quite easy upon your return to obtain a position in different aspects of the profession. Training in the expanded role and experience gained in a clinic are great assets on a resume!

Savings: as the salary is higher, you can save money and make investments for your future. Travel, down payments, debt repayment, starting a business are all options available to you.

Improved person: the experience you have lived will follow you for the rest of your life and will benefit you both personally and professionally. We always grow up from a stay in the Far North!

Why choose Nursing Solutions?

At Solutions Nursing, nurses create their own work schedule according to their availability and preferences. You can choose for yourself which replacement you would like to apply to. Being at the first rank in tenders for the James Bay Cree Council and for Native Services of Canada and having priority for assignments at Ungava Tulattavik Health Center following our partnership, we are in an excellent position. Our nurses “choose first”; other replacements that our nurses did not take will then be offered to other placement agencies.

You can give us your trust. Our company has proven itself since it opened in 2003. We have gradually established quality rules and standards. Solutions Nursing is THE benchmark for expanded role training and a well-established placement agency. Our standards are the highest and we are proud to be leaders in remote regions!

Respect is the basis of all relationships. We respect our staff, our suppliers, our customers, our partners and we respect ourselves. We have only one word and we respect our commitments. We are fair and equitable to all our staff and do not accept any injustices or signs of abuse.

Northern health organizations know that they can count on us, as much to train their nurses and create work tools as to provide them with competent and reliable resources. We have stood out and our reputation is well established. A Solutions Nursing’s nurse who is added to a work team is guaranteed of success because all our staff is very well evaluated, trained and especially well supported during replacements.

We always strive to reflect as much professionalism as possible. It is relatively easy with a dedicated team that is committed and who wants to promote the company. We do not skimp on work tools or on business partners to help us maintain our position as leaders.

You have a question? Ask it and you will get the right answer. No hiding place, only transparency. We always try as much as possible to make our staff happy at work, it is important for them, for the patients, for the work team and for us… everyone wins. With us, the rules are clearly established from the comments of our nursing staff. We have a very well-written Employee Guide so that everything is clear and precise, without ambiguity. We treat all our staff fairly. However, we understand that each situation is unique, and we are able to adapt.

The Far North is our specialty and our strength. It is our only principle. We focus all our energy on developing new projects and we constantly adapt to the Northern reality. We are the specialists of the North!

Solutions Nursing also stands out thanks to 24/7 support. We support our nurses from the start of their adventure. We make sure never to place a person in a situation of failure, which is why we have as a priority to know each of our resources well in order to assign them to the right place. Some people have to start more gradually, and we respect their rhythm as there is no point in rushing things. We take the time to listen to you. We make sure that you have all the training, all the tools and all the support you need to have a pleasant and rewarding experience.

We distinguish ourselves by our ideology focused on satisfaction and results. We strive for excellence and continually make adjustments to achieve our goals. For example, a satisfaction questionnaire is completed by all our students and analyzed by the Solutions Nursing team at the end of each training. We are therefore proactive and adapt quickly. We are also recognized in the Far North for our team of competent nurses. We choose only the best, both for office staff, nurses and trainers. We also make sure that their personality is pleasant and compatible with our values. When we place a nurse, we make sure that he / she has the personality and the professional capacities related to the work. It is for this reason that we allow ourselves to offer a satisfaction guarantee to health organizations. Also, in order to satisfy health organizations and patients, we ensure that the quality of our professionals improves. We exceed the standards related to training and we perform checks on the quality of care provided when the health organization allows it.

Why choose Nursing Solutions?

How to orient your career for the North?

How to orient your career for the North?

If the Far North and the expanded role are a project you are thinking about, you must prepare yourself professionally by acquiring the required experience. Here are some tips and tricks to guide your career.


We recommend that you work in a stimulating department that you like and where you feel that your judgment is taken into account and is essential to the patients. Often, when they start, nurses are afraid of asserting themselves and quickly accepts job offers out of fear of appearing “picky”. We invite you to choose what suits you. In this sense, choose front-line areas that will support your application. Emergency department is an excellent asset for working in remote regions, if not target other active departments.

Your employer will not be surprised to learn that you want to leave for the North and the procedure to obtain a Northern leave will be made easier. During the interview at Solutions Nursing, you will be asked if you have constraints, be honest! This does not affect your application in any way, we just want to know what to expect. We will respect your availability.

You do not have to change your personality to go to the North. The motivations that drive us to go to the Far North are unique to everyone. We seek genuine nurses.

  • You have worked in the emergency room (or another active department) full time for 2 to 3 years or more and you are looking to broaden your autonomy of practice. You have completed your studies and completed your bachelor’s degree. You are tied to the city, but you have talked with your loved ones about your project. The Far North is a project you have been thinking about for a while since you are an adventurer. You attended the information session at Solutions Nursing. Then your idea is clear and mature, and we have managed to answer your questions. You decided to send your resume everywhere and you get an answer in 24 business hours with Solutions Nursing. Solutions Nursing granted you an interview. You prepare by reviewing the concepts that you are not very familiar with. You pass the hiring process with flying colors! You are hired and ready to start.
  • You are in pre-retirement or retirement. You are looking to make your best five years. The kids are grown up, they left the house and now is the time to do what you always wanted to do. Get started; several options are possible. We can adapt to your situation.
  • You know you want to become a specialized nurse practitioner in first line care and looking to work in the North to gain experience in the field. You are welcome!
  • You have good work experience and you are passionate about discovering new territories. You feel that you have never really had a place in your current healthcare setting. Your lifestyle, the on-call list and the OST do not seem to reflect your personality. You have a looking-for-adventureThe Far North is made for you, there is only one step to take to live the experience of your life!
  • All scenarios involving a quick decision or a reason to flee
  • You have just completed your studies and you do not have enough experience e.g. 1 year
  • You have just finished your CEPI
  • You have only worked in a department that is not frontline ex. long-term care or operating room
  • You are in management for many years and you have not worked with patients in a long time
  • You are not available from 4 to 8 weeks at a time
  • You have responsibilities or commitments that you hold in your city

Please note that just because your situation is not an ideal scenario does not mean that you will never be able to go working in the Far North. All these situations can be corrected, except possibly the first. In summary, a Northern project must be prepared. Do not hesitate to contact us even a few months or years before your project, we will be happy to advise you and help you orient your career to achieve your Northern goal.

General hiring criteria

  • BSc in nursing OR
  • DEC in nursing with relevant and diversified experience
  • Quebec: valid permit from the OIIQ
  • Nunavut: valid license from the Registered Nurse Association of Northwest Territories and Nunavut. If you do not have it, we could help you obtain it. Key requirement: have a valid nursing license from a Canadian province
  • Primary care
  • Emergency
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • CLSC, current services
  • Obstetrics and delivery room
  • Any experience in an active department might be considered
  • Available
  • Skillful
  • Adventurous
  • Professional
  • Ambitious (who likes challenges)
  • Great ability to adapt and live far away from relatives
  • Dynamic
  • Reliable and responsible
  • Autonomous and resourceful
  • Interested in First Nations and Inuit cultures
  • Honest and transparent
  • Simple (who appreciates life)
  • Tenacious and self-confident
  • Before considering working in the North, it is highly recommended to talk about it with your relatives
  • Several elements of your life will change, you must be sure to live with these changes
  • One does not go working in the North overnight, it is advised to start the process 3 to 6 months ahead of time
  • Your departure must be well organized, even before the training course. Thus, you will lower your stress and be able to focus on learning your new role as an expanded role nurse
  • To help you prepare, we offer information sessions periodically. Register now!
  • Solutions Nursing will be glad to answer your questions. Contact-us!

General hiring criteria