Expanded role Nurse

Following a comprehensive 4-week expanded role training course, the nurse working for Solutions Nursing will carry out replacements in various communities in the Far North of Quebec.


Mother Baby Nurse

The specialized mother-child nurse ensures the smooth running of the pregnancy as well as the good development of the child. They are also in charge of teaching the mother and relatives.


Home Care Nurse

The home care nurse provides nursing and follow-up care to patients of all ages with conditions facilitated by home care services.


Public Heath Nurse

The main role of the public health nurse is to ensure public health activities such as tuberculosis screening and / or STBBIs and follow-up for treatment. They will be responsible for the prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles (eg: vaccination).


Hemodialysis nurse

The hemodialysis nurse oversees hemodialysis treatments in an outpatient setting using Fresenius 5008 devices and the NephroCare application.


Liaison Nurse (Far North, Montreal, Chibougamau, Val-d’Or)

The liaison nurse takes on different roles depending on the needs. First, the office liaison nurse is primarily responsible for making medical appointments for patients from other communities. As for the flight liaison nurse, they accompany patients on board the charter between Montreal and the various communities.

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