Join the Solutions Nursing team and experience an exceptional northern adventure in the remote regions of Quebec. Since 2003, we’ve been committed to providing a safe, efficient and humane environment for our staff. As specialists in the North, we’re proud of our well-established reputation as an essential reference in our field.

We’re looking for passionate expanded role nurses to meet the diverse needs of community organizations, specifically in dispensary and home care.

Why work with Solutions Nursing

In addition to offering you a mandate according to your preferences, you’ll have access to a multitude of advantages, including :

– A wide range of replacement options for optimum flexibility.

– Guaranteed security throughout the recruitment and employment process.

– A human and personalized approach, focusing on your needs as an employee. At solutions nursing, you’re not just another resource; you’re an integral member of the team!

– Exceptional support: we take care of everything! We follow up closely with the center to ensure that everything is ready for your departure and arrival in the community;

– Competitive compensation starting at $60 per hour (depending on region);

– Transportation and accommodations are provided to ease your transition to the North;

– An employee assistance program to support you in every aspect of your working life.

What are our working conditions?

– Various types of jobs available: With us, you’re back in control of your work and leave periods. No more flat routines!

– Flexible working hours, including day, evening and night shifts from Monday to Friday, with weekend availability.

What will be your main tasks?

– Perform comprehensive assessments of patients of all ages according to the methodology;

– SOAP methodology taught during expanded role training;

– Be able to perform a complete patient assessment;

– Use assessment tools specific to the expanded role to function safely with or without the presence of a physician;

– Apply various protocols and therapeutic guidelines while respecting diverse cultures;

– Promote health and disease prevention within communities;

– Implement community health and public health programs such as chronic disease monitoring, pre/postnatal monitoring, vaccination, ITSS, Covid, etc. ;

– Provide 24/7 on-call and emergency care at all levels.

What you need to join Solutions Nursing:

– Be a member in good standing of the OIIQ to practice according to regulations;

– Be available to travel for periods of 2 to 8 weeks, to live this northern experience to the full;

– Have a college diploma;

At least 2 years nursing experience in Quebec or Canada in active departments such as: Internal medicine, emergency, intensive care, cardiac surgery, obstetrics, GMF, current, dispensary, MedeVac;

– A working knowledge of English to facilitate interactions;

Solutions Nursing is committed to making your northern project a resounding success! Join our team today!