Our nurse placement agency, serving the north for over 15 years.


We constantly hire qualified nursing staff (nurses and nurse clinicians), rigorously selected and trained to meet the needs of our clients.

The vast majority of our staff has successfully completed our expanded role training and holds CPR and ACLS certification as well as other certifications as required (PIQ, PTI, palliative approach, WHMIS…).


Expanded role

Our Specialty. Our staff is trained to perform primary care assignments that include on-call duty (e.g. evenings and weekends). The expanded role applies to both isolated communities and industrial settings such as mines.

The expanded role can include community health programs: maternal and child health, women’s health, chronic disease management, home care…

We also place on other services that do not require expanded role training.

Care unit in northern hospitals / Medevac

We sometimes place in care units in northern hospitals, located in James Bay and Nunavik, where the expanded role is not required. Our staff can also perform medical evacuations by air (Medevac).

Public Health

Our nurses can also work in public health, for example in a tuberculosis clinic.


Although we specialize in remote areas, we also fill liaison needs in hospitals (e.g. managing appointments for patients from remote communities) as well as on board aircraft (e.g. escorting patients to/from their communities).