The Far North is a land of enchantment and promises, opening its doors to nurses in expanded roles. Our free information session is designed to immerse you in this unique adventure, revealing the nuances of work, daily life and culture in this exceptional region.

Explore with us the professional opportunities and specific challenges that make the Far North such an exciting place to grow. Our commitment is to provide you with the complete picture, illuminating your path to informed career decisions by highlighting expanded role training for nurses.


Unique insights into the Far North

The primary objective of this session is to immerse you in the reality of work, daily life and the unique culture of the Far North. Experts will share real-life testimonials to give you a realistic view of the unique challenges and opportunities associated with this territory.

We’ll also explore in details expanded role training for nurses, highlighting its importance in delivering care that is adapted to a variety of environments.


Professional opportunities in the Far North

The Far North offers a wide range of opportunities, from rural clinics to emergency missions, requiring versatile skills specific to the expanded role. Nurses’ daily work is to help improve the quality of life of northern populations.

This incredible mission is more than rewarding, and offers true immersion in unique medical contexts. To find out more about expanded role training and its importance for working in the Far North, we invite you to read our dedicated page on the subject.


Daily life in the Far North

In the vast territory of the Far North, you’ll be confronted by extreme climatic conditions, but also enchanted by breathtaking new landscapes. Yet it’s not just nature that awaits you, it’s also an immersion in different cultures, rich traditions and friendly people. These geographical and cultural features invite you to adjust your habits, to revise your daily way of life to blend harmoniously into this new environment.

In our information session, we’ll delve into the practical details of this necessary adjustment. From housing and transportation to local activities and resource management, every aspect of your daily life will be carefully addressed. We firmly believe that understanding these practical realities is essential to enable you not only to adapt, but also to thrive in this new environment.

One of the benefits of the expanded nursing role is that you’re at the heart of small communities. Here, bonds are forged naturally, creating a real closeness with residents and families. This community immersion offers an invaluable human experience, where every day is an opportunity to grow professionally and connect more deeply with others.

You not only want a job, you’re looking for an adventure that will enrich not only your career, but also your personal life. And that’s exactly what this unique position in the Far North offers you. For a taste of this incredible experience, we invite you to watch our YouTube video here. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to join this extraordinary adventure!


Exploring cultural heritage

As an important part of our session, an in-depth exploration of the cultural richness of the Far North will highlight the diversity of customs, traditions and lifestyles of aboriginal communities.

The beauty of nature, serenity and a healthy balance of life are undoubtedly what stand out in the experiences of nurses returning from the Far North.

Indeed, life in the North is marked by a wealth of outdoor activities amidst incredible scenery, often offering the opportunity to walk to the clinic and avoid the traffic noise and horns that characterize major metropolises.

With weekend activities ranging from 4-wheeled outings to the discovery of the Northern Lights, camping in the Tundra or discovering the beauty of the Far North’s culture, the return can sometimes be difficult and often leaves you wanting to get back on the road quickly for the next mission.


Challenges and opportunities

Our session will be filled with a discussion about the potential challenges of working in the Far North, balanced by a focus on the rewards, including deep connections with nature and local communities. The Expanded Role Nurse experience is a unique one, allowing you to play a vital role in the dispensaries.

Because dispensaries are located in the heart of small communities, doctors are rarely there—they’re more likely to be found in hospitals. So it’s not uncommon for nurses to take on a wider range of responsibilities, such as carrying out full physical examinations, suturing, and dealing with major injuries and obstetric emergencies.

As Naima Benahmed—doctor and trainer at Solution Nursing—points out, nurses are the “eyes of the doctor”. Thanks to their intensive one-month training and previous professional experience, expanded role nurses find it very gratifying to have the chance to work in the Far North, thanks to their autonomy, their wide range of skills and, above all, the relationships they build with the community over the years.


Towards new horizons : The Far North for Nurses

The information session will provide you with a summary of the key points, inviting you to explore the Far North in all its facets. We encourage you to use this comprehensive information to make confident decisions about your future in this exceptional region.

Join us in this unique adventure by exploring our dedicated information sessions page here, where you can select your session by date from the navigation menu. The Far North awaits you, ready to unveil its mysteries and offer exceptional opportunities for nurses in expanded roles. Embark on a unique experience, both professional and personal, where every day is a new adventure.